About Us


ERC African Travel provides luxury guided safaris and customized adventures of all price ranges in order to make once in a lifetime African travel accessible to a wide range of travelers and interests. All of our trips partner with trusted local accommodation partners and companies who serve local interests in community sustainability and well-being.

We are a boutique travel company specializing in small group safaris to Zambia and Botswana. We provide both luxury and modestly priced trips and can easily customize the perfect trip for your group based on length, price, comfort and specific interest in the destinations and activities of your choice.

Join us for one of our upcoming guided itineraries.  Request a guided itinerary for your group on specific dates or rely on us to customize your independent adventure.  Our trusted local partners will assist you seamlessly for a perfect, personalized trip.

Born from a passion for the people, places and wildlife of Africa and 16 years of experience in curating trips, ERC African Travel supports African Hope Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting conservation efforts and local primary and secondary education in southern Africa.  

ERC Africa Travel partner with Africa Hope Fund in fighting poaching and teaching conservation in Zambia.
— Kelly - Oct 2015
First time I saw a majestic elephant in the wild up close I cried for joy.
— Kelly DVM - Oct 2015
Steve at Mfuwe Lodge.jpg
Traveling with ERC Africa Travel made a trip to this remote place in Africa easy, fun, and safe.
— John - 2008

After first traveling to the South Luangwa 16 years ago, we felt drawn to return again and again.
We learned to love the animals and culture that make this part of the world so unique.

We made friends with some incredible people, people with “boots on the ground” who chase down poachers and rescue snared animals. People determined to educate their children despite many hardships, and people teaching these children to appreciate and protect Africa’s unique wildlife and natural resources. We support these friends and their work through our non-profit, The Africa Hope Fund.  Click our AHF logo below to learn more about our conservation and education work.

Dinner under the stars with my new found friends was the highlight of my trip.
— Robin - June 2016

Years ago, we invited a few friends to come with us to Zambia.

Others heard about our trips and asked to join us. After many more requests, we established ERC African Travel to provide luxury guided safaris and customized African adventures of all types and price ranges. We want to introduce as many people as possible to the amazing wildlife, culture and friends we have found in Africa.

Our travelers stay in delightful local accommodations with trusted partners and companies who support local wildlife conservation, education and sustainability. Our goal is that you not only have a wonderful once in a lifetime experience, but that you also come to love this part of the world as much as we do.

Traveling with ERC Africa Travel made a trip to this remote place in Africa easy, fun, and safe.
— John - 2008